I was so very close to dropping out of this unit in March, when my 5 year old said “No. Dont quit Uni. Im not quitting Kindergarten.” It grounded me, like my children often do. They are at the other end of all of this, and I want to role model to them what life is about – its a lifelong journey of learning. We dont quit being parents when it gets too tough, nor do we quit our jobs after a bad day. Why would I have wanted to quit something like Uni, that I have enrolled in purely out of interest and a passion for library?

Sleep is overrated anyway. So.. off I go to finish my last 800 words.

Progress on assignment one

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Week one of my post grad studies is looming.. Subject Outlines available, modules are up, and my head is spinning! What to read first? How to start? Windows One note or a trusty A4 lecture pad and a kilometrico? I’m sure this is one of those moments in life, where if I knew how much work and tears would be involved in my next 2 years, that I would jump off the track I’ve found myself on, right now. 


Life’s like that though.


Week one of my …

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