Defining Information Literacy

14 May

I like things defined. I tend to be creative and disorganised in my actuality. Therefore, I am drawn to things being clearly defined and orgnised in order to calm my thoughts and understandings into something that can be processed and packaged neatly into a far corner of my mind for future reference. 

This brings me to Doyle (1994) and her definition of information literacy. 

“Information Literacy is the ability to access, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources.” p.6. 

Tightly packaged and neatly presented. Succinct, yet serviceable. This definition could describe information literacy as is in 2012, just as it was in 1994. While purpose is not mentioned, I believe this is an assumed factor. The punchiness of this definition may well be criticized for being too brief and perhaps vague – but I see it as inclusive and encompassing of information literacy, and all that attributes to this term. 

Doyle, C. (1994) Information Literacy in an information society: a concept for the information age, ERIC Clearing House in Information Technology, Sayracuse, N.Y.


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