Assessment one… Confidence that I needed

10 May

I must admit that I had my concerns about assessment one. It was the first piece of academic writing that I have completed in 6 years, and the first at postgraduate level. The last time I clicked submit on something.. no, wait, I believe I sent it in a yellow distance education envelope, I was pregnant with my first child. He is now 5 and his siblings’ 3 and 1.. life is busy. Study is the only aspect of my life that I consider to be self-indulgent.. and that in itself is reasonably disturbing! 

“If anything, I can say that I have my doubts about this one, in all honesty.” – Taken from my blog post after submitting my work, with fear of my potential failure. I struggled with that assignment and felt extreme agony in wrapping my thoughts around the content and the readings. I am unsure whether it has anything to do with my mark, or if indeed assessment two is more straight forward, but in my preparation and reading I am feeling quietly calmer about this one. 

In addition to learning how to reference a blog post (see above for a likely mistake!) I also wish to master the art of working with readings from the screen. I am a printer! I didn’t want to be, and started the semester off using OneNote. I felt quite comfortable with it working through the modules, but when it comes to really developing deep understandings of the content, I am relying on paper sprawled across my desk and highlighter in hand. 

I will conquer this … maybe next unit! 

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