Worldle and I

29 Apr

As my last post has attempted to display, I have had a play with and added yet another little trick to my hat as a developing teacher librarian. So many terms, just like “wordle” have been introduced in and through my studies so far, and I’m proud to say that instead of shying from the subject and the language, I am embracing it and throwing myself in.. even excitedly. 

The main motivator for me beginning my masters in Teacher Librarianship was my complete lag in technology. I stepped out of high school in 2001, and never increased my skills in information and technology past those that I required for distance education in my teaching degree. My undergraduate course required me to email, contribute to forums, and listen to podcasts (which I am sure were called purely mp.3’s!) I have had experience in the classroom on interactive whiteboards, but with no formal training I have been left feeling like I am winging it- and I do not like being forced out of my comfort zone. So… like my earliest post discussed, I have chosen to exit my comfort zone and plunge deeply into this degree. Not only am I learning about the role of the TL and all its facets – I am also gradually increasing my own skills in the sector that I was once hiding from, shamefully. 

The role of the TL is enormous. I could extend on my wordle tenfold (if not for one toddler in the middle of a tantrum behind me, a 5 year old demanding we do his home reader right now, and a baby whose been in the playpen for about 17 1/2 minutes too long.)

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