Where did I come from?

22 Apr

Now well on my journey in ETL401, I am feeling a little like I am beginning to be a part of something.. I feel that at this stage I should reflect on where I have come from. The day I applied to study this course, I knew nothing at all about teacher librarians, outside of my own schooling memories of Mrs. Streeter at my primary school, and the cranky ones from high school who never really assisted me in anything other than motivating me with fear to return my overdue loans. 

I worked in a public council operated library in my local area after leaving school, and whilst completing my education degree. I was a customer service operator/library assistant. Our branch library was staffed by myself, and the librarian. It provided me insight into library work which focused very heavily on clerical roles. Checkins and loans, branch cataloging, deselection, book repairs, and fines management. That was the part where I learnt the art of backdating! 

My view of the TL was very, very narrow. I came into this with a passion for books, reading and learning; and with a desire to open more avenues for employment. I had suspected that this degree would focus heavily on information literacy and technology but I really couldn’t have known the actual extent to which it does. I felt very lacking in my own information technology skills, and saw this degree as a way of committing to changing this about myself. I am well aware of the role of technology in teaching and working with todays students. I know my weaknesses, and I am seeking to gain employment in the next few years, on a full time basis. I want to know that once my children are in school, and I am ready for that first job interview, that I will go in with 100% confidence in my ability to be a valued team member of any school. I want to fit this degree in before I am working full time, and while this has challenges as far as time management and family life are concerned, I know that it will make me employable. Thats why I’m here. 

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