Herring and Purcell…

06 Apr

Critical thinking. It’s been a little too long between assignments I fear.

Reading. Summarising. Thinking. Reflecting. Analysing. Doubting and questioning my very own information literacy skills ! It is as though I am reading about the role of the Teacher Librarian in facilitating the learning journey of students, whilst being on that journey, somewhere on the spectrum, myself. Familiarising myself with online databases, using forums (which are not overly intuitive, in my opinion), critical thinking, and learning to maintain a blog! 

And as for the Role of the Teacher Librarian? I’m not sure if reading more is insightful or frightening. I believe Purcell’s views to be well organised, if perhaps a little introductory. I am beginning to see a few questionable aspects of the role as she defines it, particularly with reference to her views on learning processes. Herring, however, writes of the TL roles in extensive detail, and in a way that leaves me, as the reader, trying hard to organise my thoughts on his chapter. The very nature of this topic lends itself to complexities in the literature which discusses it. A role that is vast, complicated, evolving and technical can not be justified or discussed in simple terms. Which leads me to the 4th coffee I’ve had today, as I sit down to Herring’s chapter, for another attempt at unravelling a well written, even if a little challenging, piece of writing. 


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