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Reality Check

After heavily focusing my study efforts on ETL503, as the unit has an assignment due sooner than ETL401, I have since conceded and withdrawn from the unit completely. My decision was prompted by the Census cut off date for accumulating HECS fees, which was last friday. I know in my heart that I am struggling to dedicate time to my studies, but I also know how very much I want this degree and I would rather continue on with one unit as opposed to completely discontinuing my studies at all. 

Life is hectic. Fun, busy, but a little chaotic at times. Now, focusing on the introductory unit, ETL401, might be the step I didn’t want to take, but one which may enable me to begin this journey now, while my children are still young. 

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Doors that open ..

The past week has brought changes and the facing of a few fears. I have started reading for my first assignment, which in itself was rather daunting to begin. With a few additional resources on loan from the Uni Library arriving in the post, and the readings set out in the modules, the course content is beginning to appear extensive, though interesting.

I have signed up for an account with Delicious, (an online, self-serve list compiler for articles and sites), and am learning the benefits of this as I begin to gather articles for my assignment. I am finding time constraints starting to build pressure.. I want to delve into my readings but at best am achieving 20 minutes here or there through the day, and am left with the hours between 8pm and midnight to really focus to any extent worth my while. With 3 children aged 5 years and under, I think my expectations of myself must be somewhat flexible.

I did manage to visit the librarian at our local public school, and have arranged to volunteer on Fridays. The Teacher Librarian in this role is experienced and seems very knowledgeable. I was able to discuss with her the nature of my upcoming assignment, and also look at the resources and collection area which would contribute to the content of my work. It was made apparent that any assistance I could offer in the library would be very welcome, after a series of untrained librarians over a number of years in the past, and a host of changes in policy and management processes has left the library in an unorganised and somewhat chaotic state. I look forward to the skills I will learn from this arrangement, and know that being regularly present in the school library environment will enhance the experience of my studies.

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Week 2 .. Catching up already!

Final day of week one and already, I have found myself to have been behind in required readings. Life gets in the way. I managed to sit down on the eve of week 2 though, and finish my readings to bring me up to date to start my second week of study. My undergraduate study seemed to focus on assignments where the readings and course lecture notes seemed to stand alone and separate to the content of the essays which were set. By about week 4 or 5, I let slide my readings and read only for my assignments. I absolutely had to put my time and energy directly into the assessments as the module work was quite irrelevant. I was left questioning the approach of the course coordinators for this reason.

The unit structure of ETL401 is unlike that of any of my previous subjects in my undergraduate degree. The modules seem to line up with the content of the assessments, meaning that the readings are of interest, relevancy and utmost importance! This is a refreshing change. It simplifies my study planning. I feel as if I can trust in the modules, and that the readings (including the suggested further readings) will assist me in a few weeks when I am needing guidance the most.

My technological skills list now has grown to include blog writing, oneNote use, Online/on-screen reading and note taking, and now, my emerging skill in avatar creation! Wish me luck, week 2 here I come.

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