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First day of semester one

I am pleased to say I have dove into the online tutorials for the library tools in module one. I feel confident that the muddling around that I did using database searches for my undergraduate studies, was in fact the correct thing to be doing. They are extensive with massive results for each search, and I learnt a few new tricks to manipulate searches in order to narrow results.

I also am the proud owner of an EBSCOhost account, with my very own folder to save articles in for later reference. These little steps are the ones that I have been afraid of, and the lack of such progress over the last 5 years or so is the leading factor in why I have become a technophobe!

So hello to week one of semester one, 2012. I am truly looking forward to conquering my technical deficiencies through study. Bring it on!

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Week one of my post grad studies is looming.. Subject Outlines available, modules are up, and my head is spinning! What to read first? How to start? Windows One note or a trusty A4 lecture pad and a kilometrico? I’m sure this is one of those moments in life, where if I knew how much work and tears would be involved in my next 2 years, that I would jump off the track I’ve found myself on, right now. 


Life’s like that though.


Week one of my …

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Stepping out of the comfort zone..

10 years ago I had just finished my HSC. Ok, so my marks didn’t get me into the course I wanted at Uni, but at 18 do we ever really know what we actually want anyway?

Here I am now. Blogging. 10 minutes ago I didn’t know what a blog was. I think I may have learnt more in the last nine and a half minutes than I have in the previous 10 years. Technology has surpassed me.

And I am here, to change that.



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